Improvise. Adapt. Overcome.

In the uncertain age of Covid-19, many things are in flux. However, people's need for movement, fitness and play remains the same.

Movement Toolbox classes are continuing both online and outdoors. Find out more below!

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Weekly classes on Zoom remove the need for you to leave home and encourage you to keep moving in your own space!

The goal is to find ways to build dexterity and strength with minimal space. With a live feed, I will be able to give feedback to class members individually.


- Location: Your home!

- Duration: 40 minutes

Adult Classes (£7)

- Mondays 18:30

- Wednesdays 18:30

Youth Class (Ages 10-16, £6)

- Wednesdays 17:30

To book, simply message me and I will send you class and payment details!


- An electronic device with Zoom downloaded

- An area where a yoga mat could comfortably fit with a bit of space around it

- A yoga mat, carpet or some form of cushioned platform would be useful

- Occasionally, props may be required (e.g. a stick or a ball), but this will be mentioned ahead of time



Whether your goal is to improve your movement vocabulary, become stronger through play or simply to enjoy learning new skills, there is something for you at Movement Toolbox.


Coaching One-to-One


Direction and Choreography

Kids Classes

No reason to hang about - get in touch and let's get started.


If you value training and improving alongside others, come along to our weekly sessions.

A regular adult class runs every week for movers of all levels. Each session features a mix of parkour, acrobatics and tricking. We typically learn through games, challenges and technical practice.

- WEDNESDAYS 6:30pm, meeting outside Canada Water tube station in the open plaza opposite the station, by the water and the library. £10 per person.

- SATURDAYS 2pm, meeting outside Vauxhall tube station exit 2 under the bus shelter. £10 per person.


If you are the kind of person that really values drilling deep into techniques and direct, immediate feedback, this option is for you.

Each session will be spent examining progress, looking at drills to build on this and refining technique. This way, practice can continue between sessions with good form towards your objectives.

The video above features two students who trained with me privately. They made great progress over 9 months!

Get in touch for more details and get your journey started!

Hanging Out At Baron's Court
Hanging Out At Baron's Court

Group Precision
Group Precision

Team Climb
Team Climb

Hanging Out At Baron's Court
Hanging Out At Baron's Court


Are you looking for a taster session in parkour or acrobatics? Perhaps for a team-bonding session or a memorable party experience? Look no further!

We can set up a one-off introductory session for your group to learn the basics of how to jump into movement. Get in touch to find out more!

Movement of Three
Movement of Three

Bouncing Off Walls
Bouncing Off Walls

Parkour Dance Academy
Parkour Dance Academy

Movement of Three
Movement of Three


Parkour has become very popular in media over the last decade or so. It's being incorporated in movies and stories around the world, joining the likes of martial arts tricking for combat choreography and circus acrobatics for spectacular team-based moves.

If you're looking to incorporate some dynamic movements and obstacle negotiation in your production, whether it is a live performance or for the camera, do get in touch!



Do you have a group of budding young movers who need to burn off some energy? Parkour might just be the way forward!

Students are able to develop risk management, strength and discipline by learning how to move safely through the environment. They learn through play, team games and challenge. Check out some of my work with the Parkour Dance Academy in the video above.

Get in touch to find out more!