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Movement style includes aspects of martial arts tricking, dance, partnered acrobatics and parkour. Has experience with contact staff, rope dart, fire object manipulation, weapons and stage combat.

Performance experience has included working with teams both large and small, choreographic creation, team-based acrobatics/stunts, both live and in front of the camera, fusing art forms and more.

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Training oneself to overcome obstacles both physical and mental using the environment.
Moving through a space effectively, efficiently and creatively.

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Techniques drawn primarily from circus, tricking and freerunning.

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A circus flow instrument and an ancient martial arts discipline in one.

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Parkour has become very popular in media over the last decade or so. It's being incorporated in movies and stories around the world, joining the likes of martial arts tricking for combat choreography and circus acrobatics for spectacular team-based moves.

If you're looking to incorporate some dynamic movements and obstacle negotiation in your production, whether it is a live performance or for the camera, do get in touch!

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