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Roundhouse Street Circus Showcase
Wall Flash Kick
Silhouette Sideflip


Coaching and Performance

Professional Credits: About Me


Leads classes in functional movement, creative use of space and acrobatics. Guides students in building the physical and mental strength necessary to overcome obstacles.

Freelance Movement Coach – Parkour/Freerunning UK Level 2 Qualified


- TAG Youth (coaching for students with SEND)

- Roundhouse London

- Foucan Freerunning Academy

- UCL Parkour

- Imperial Parkour

- Local Motion Studios

- London Parkour Project

- Achieving For Children

- European Youth Circus Organisation

- London Academy of Gymnastics and Dance

- Free Your Instinct

- Movement Toolbox Online (during lockdown)

Coaching and Choreography

- Movement Toolbox (Director)

- Parkour Dance Company (Director)

- Tower Hamlets Council

- Lambeth Council

- Wellington College

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UCL Parkour Logo London Movement Toolbox
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EYCO European Youth Circus Organisation
Sebastien Foucan Freerunning Academy Log
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Professional Credits: Clients



- Triple Force Friday 2019 – Disney

Greatest Showman 2019 – Mampara Dance Company

- Ilinx 2019 – Roundhouse Street Circus

- On Mass 2017 – Roundhouse Street Circus and over 180 international artists 

- A Thousand Fibres 2017– Roundhouse Street Circus and Compagnie XY

- World Trade Fair 2016 – Epika Dance Troupe

- Bestival 2016 – Macnas and the Roundhouse

- Boomtown 2016 – Invisible Circus

- Brighton Pride 2016 – Roundhouse Street Circus Artists

- Circus Fest 2016 – Roundhouse Street Circus Collective


- Havoc 2022 - Gareth Evans/Netflix

- Star Wars Play Your Part Ad Campaign 2019 – Disney

- Motion Capture – Sarah Perry and SDNA

- "Safekeeping" Short Film – Finalist of Campus Movie Fest London 2014 (Director)

- Beat Assassin's "Space Yardie" Music Video - Extreme Studio

- Bonobo's "No Reason" - Lead Actor

A Thousand Fibres - Roundhouse Performan
Professional Credits: Welcome
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