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Movement Toolbox is for anyone who wants to learn creative movement inspired from parkour, martial arts, acrobatics and more. We incorporate skills from a range of disciplines to become more holistic movers.

The theme of our regular sessions is to focus on becoming better at using one's body to move expressively and functionally. We develop confidence and flow through fun challenges, adapting to our environment.

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I began training parkour in 2012 alongside the Staines community and my university society, UCL Parkour. I loved applying newly-learned skills to a range of physical challenges.

Within a year or so, I became president of UCL Parkour and began teaching professionally with London-based movement companies.

After graduating, I joined the Roundhouse Street Circus Collective and entered the realm of performance. Since then, I've represented the UK at European Youth Circus Organisation gatherings and performed at festivals all over the country.

I currently teach classes all over London, bringing a collection of practical and performative experience to my students.

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